One more step towards the delicacy of Champagne Taittinger’s cases

Champagne houses such as Taittinger which bear the name of their owners are rare. Taittinger is, above all, the tale of a family motivated by passion and a desire for high standards, which decided to never compromise on quality. The secret of the sophisticated, elegant style so characteristic of Taittinger champagne lies in the large proportion of Chardonnay grapes used in the preparation of its various cuvées and this makes them recognisable throughout the world.

For some years we are gladly handling these surprising bubbles, which are the symbol of our free spirited Champagne House. They became a kind of signature for the Taittinger Champagne House and contributed, such as advertising campaigns, to the rapid expansion of the House and to its increasing desirability.

Always looking for renewal, Champagne Taittinger’s teams are hoping to express more faithfully the sensorial qualities brought by the high presence of Chardonnay in the House’s wines.
It had to restore more sensitively the delicacy and the precision that it brings to every of our vintages.

Nowadays, light diamond bubbles, being the promise of a moment of escape, seem to flee, in a play of light, from the cases.

Result of a close partnership between Taittinger, API, Wave Front and “Le Sanglier”, these new precious cases house the bottles and magnums of the institutional range.

They perfectly embody the Champagne Taittinger’s promise, the pleasure of a moment.