Our family has always found surprising echoes between football and the world of champagne.

The values of excellence, freedom, daring, and audacity for beauty’s sake can be found in these two disciplines, each of which creates moments of shared joy.

What could be more exciting than partnering with this worldwide event?

The FIFA World Cup™: could there be anything more perfect?

Lined up in their battle formations, the Champagne Taittinger teams – like the players on the pitch – have teamed up passionately to create events and bottles.

The bottle depicts the theme of space conquest, a eld in which Russia has been particularly successful.

Bubbles, balls and planets combine to make this summer month one that will be remembered forever.

The universal nature of football gives it a fabulous power: the power to unite, to create a unique fervour, to unleash passions. The culture of football transcends divisions and abolishes borders… just like the bubbles of Taittinger champagne.

This shared culture is built upon a collection of instants which have left– and will continue to leave – their mark on the consciousness of more than just football fans: when a team’s victory is the victory of a whole country, when talent is distilled into a moment of magic which propels a player to iconic status, when the suspense of a penalty shoot-out has a whole stadium holding its breath…

Like great vintages, the mere mention of such exploits is enough to awaken memories. They have their own special taste, avour and smell, because for an instant they were shared. They have created intense emotion, immediately transformed into an unforgettable moment.

Through #TheInstantWhen campaign, Taittinger’s intention is to use individual testimonies to share the intensity of this joy created through football, with an emphasis on how the experience was felt, and how people everywhere desired to share and communicate it.

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