In the mood for Pink

There are very few ‘Champagne Houses’ like Taittinger that still bear their proprietors’ name. Taittinger is above all the story of a family with a passion for their work, who decided they would never compromise on quality. It’s the high proportion of Chardonnay used to create the different editions that is key to the secret of Taittinger Champagne’s very characteristic style, the essence of finesse and elegance, recognised all over the world.

The arrival of May puts a sparkle into world of pink champagne. At Maison Taittinger, pink champagne is much, much more than a light seasonal offering; it’s a real statement, coming in the range of three characterful editions. To taste the intensity, to awaken your senses and to evoke lightness, elegance and freshness: these are the purposes and the promises boldly pursued by Taittinger through these three editions, three defining moments and three taste experiences.

With its trademark liveliness and crispness, Taittinger Prestige Rosé is instantly identifiable from its deep colour, a result of the secrets of its production process: a delicate blended rosé whose creation requires no small degree of precision. This champagne gets its incomparable colour and structure from the 15% of non-sparkling red wine, from the best Pinots Noirs in the Mountain of Reims and Les Riceys, that is added during the final blending. Its structure is given body and suppleness by the delicious flavours brought to it by the red non-vinified Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir grapes. Finally, the Chardonnay, so esteemed by Maison Taittinger, titillates your palate with its freshness and vigour. In the mouth, vibrant, velvety and full-bodied sensations arise from the taste of the young red fruit, such as only a blended rosé can produce. The result is an assertive rosé champagne that is all about pleasure. It is best when served accompanying red berries, tartare of scallops, crab or meat creating a fusion of slight sweetness and champagne.

Every season of the year brings moments that deserve to be celebrated with exceptional champagne. Our “Comtes de Champagne Rosé 2006”, the ultimate expression of the art of Maison Taittinger, is composed of 70% Pinot Noir from the Mountain of Reims Grand Crus, part of which is vinified into red wine (12%). The blend is finished off with 30% Chardonnay, exclusively from the Côte des Blancs Grands Crus, to add definition and freshness. To achieve structure and good keeping qualities, exclusively the juices from the first pressing are used. The aging process allows the complexity of the aromas to develop and gives a rounded structure to this champagne that is kept in our cellars for 10 years before it sees the light of day. Admire its sustained coppery pink colour and the tiny bubbles rising briskly to form a delicate cordon of foam. On the nose, intense citrus aromas gradually lead towards the more developed aromas of red and black candied fruits. The intense, fruity flood of cherries in syrup is followed by a rich, vinous, well-structured mid-palate.

You are left with an expressive finish of depth, complexity and good length. Our “Comtes de Champagne Rosé 2006” is characterised by maturity, generosity and tautness that foretells a radiant future for this wine. At the table it partners perfectly with lamb or pigeon course. Equally, it can be served with a light dessert featuring stewed fruit.

Sparkling tiny bubbles of light form the pink champagne of the night, which embodies Taittinger’s suave, well-rounded promise to keep champagne-lovers happy until dawn. Taittinger Nocturne Rose is a “dry” (Sec) champagne composed of 30% Chardonnay and 70% Pinot Noir and of Pinot Meunier from 30 different crus. 15% of non-sparkling red wine, from the best Pinots Noirs of the Mountain of Reims and Les Riceys, is added to the final blending, creating its uniqueness. On the palate, three adjectives spring to mind: sensual, fresh and unctuous. A “dry dosage” (17.5 g/l of sugar cane), combined with the maturity stemming from a slow aging process of more than four years in the cellars, gives this wine all the sweetness night owls need. It can be enjoyed on its own throughout the evening, or served with a gourmet dessert.

The bountiful flavour of these three perfectly-crafted rosés, each with its own distinct identity, confirms Taittinger Champagne’s place in a life made up of beautiful moments.