The Tale of a Partnership

The bond between these two family-run establishments was obvious : a strong union based on the unique gastronomic venture of a meringue and a rosé champagne-based dessert.

This collaboration is, above all, a tale passion. Passion between people that share the same values of generosity, authenticity, simplicity and warmth.
VitalieTaittinger, Marketing Director for ChampagneTaittinger, and the founders of La Meringaie, Benoît Bardon and Marie Stoclet Bardon, met over a meringue-based dessert and a flute of rosé champagne.

The tale started with a meal at Le Nemours in Paris, where desserts made by La Meringaie are served twice a week. As luck would have it, it just so happened to be on one of these days that Vitalie Taittinger decided to dine there. She was overwhelmed by the very first bite, and four words came to her lips; light, fruity, fresh and flamboyant. It was as if she was eating a cloud! As a result, when La Meringaie contacted Champagne Taittinger a few weeks later about creating a tailor-made dessert, the idea of a collaboration was met with a particularly enthusiastic response.

‘When we first had the idea at La Meringaie of combining champagne with whipped cream, we naturally thought of Champagne Taittinger. Their values, mastery of traditional skills and love of craftsmanship, (as well as the subtlety and complexity of the Taittinger rosé champagne of course), led us to contact the team at Taittinger. And, as luck would have it, Vitalie had just tasted one of our pavlovas and had been impressed. As a result, both herself and her team greeted our idea enthusiastically’.
This has resulted in a sophisticated, light Yule log filled with whipped cream with Taittinger Prestige Rosé champagne, and raspberries and lychees. It will be named after Vitalie.

The raspberries and lychees bring a note of tart freshness, which subtly reflects the typical fragrances of rosé champagne.

With this unusual twist on the traditional Yule log, La Meringaie and Champagne Taittinger can offer a real treat as a centrepiece for the festive season.

You can also enjoy one of La Meringaie’s most gourmet festive offerings – the ‘Sophie’ Yule log, full of plain whipped cream, chestnut cream, pieces of marrons glacés, fresh orange segments, candied orange peel and dark chocolate chips with a dusting of gold.

In addition to the Yule log, the two establishments have designed a gift box that contains a half bottle of Taittinger rosé champagne, presented together with some small meringues and a raspberry-pink ‘mookie’ (meringue/cookie). It makes for a very attractive festive gift.

Shops :

Online Shop : www.lameringaie.com


 41 rue du Cherche Midi 75006 Paris

21 rue de Lévis, 75017 Paris

Further information about La Meringaie :
La Meringaie offers fresh, light desserts inspired by the famous Australian dessert, Pavlova.
The meringue is crisp on the outside, yet soft in the centre, and is filled with flavoured whipped cream and fresh seasonal fruit. In its shops in Rue de Levis and Rue du Cherche Midi in Paris, as well as on its website www.lameringaie.com, La Meringaie displays 5 unique recipes each week, one of which will be new. There is also a ‘tailor-made’ service available in both the shops and on the website where each customer can design their own creation by choosing their own cream and fruit.