After nearly 30 years of blending Taittinger House wines, Loïc Dupont transmitted his know-how to Alexandre Ponnavoy, who is part of the company since April 2015. Aged 40, he follows the path of those whose mission it is to embrace the brand’s reputation and the excellence of the House.

His main advantage consists of an exceptional vineyard of nearly 288 hectares guaranteeing a unique DNA, the Chardonnay style.

Even if the wines are imagined and created by the family members of the House and by the Tasting Committee, their successful outcome relies on the talent of those who work on them day after day.

Loïc Dupont and Alexandre Ponnavoy have shared together for over three years the vision of the Taittinger House. The time required for Alexandre to immerse himself in the character and soul of the cuvées.

Alexandre will carry on the long-term qualitative perspective of this position. He will ensure the consistency, balance and finesse of our wines and will undoubtedly reflect on the creation of future vintages.

Thanks to the his remarkable work and values, Alexandre has been able to conquer the confidence of the entire Champagne Taittinger team. We wish him a bright future among us.

Born in 1979 in the region of Dijon, he decided to come to Reims following his MA in Agronomy at the Jules Guyot Institute (University of Burgundy) and ENITA Dijon. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Oenology-Champagne Wines majoring in Quality, Marketing, Legislation and Management. Taking advantage of his educational background he joined a Champagne House in Reims, for which he went to vinify wines in California. From 2007 to 2015, he worked at the Champagne Technological Station as a consulting enologist. He advised more than 150 wine estates, merchants and cooperators in Champagne (but also in the rest of France and abroad) and accompanied them through the development and marketing of their sparkling wines.