A new Gift Box for The Comtes de Champagne

Champagne houses such as Taittinger which still bear the name of their owners are rare. Taittinger is, above all, the tale of a family motivated by passion and a desire for high standards, which decided to never compromise on quality. The secret of the sophisticated, elegant style so characteristic of Taittinger champagne lies in the large proportion of Chardonnay grapes used in the preparation of its various cuvées, and this makes them recognisable throughout the world.

After several years of research, the Taittinger champagne team are delighted to be able to present this excellent cuvée in a setting which perfectly reflects its characteristics. The timeless essence of the ‘Comtes de Champagne’ is shown in the simplicity of this gift box, which is available for both the Blanc de Blancs and Rosé champagnes.

How can the world-renowned sophistication of these wines be instantly conveyed?

How can aesthetics and care for the environment be combined?

How can the sense of independence that is so important to the Taittinger Champagne House be expressed whilst remaining faithful to its image?

The difference between the two cuvées is clear and is directly inspired by the composition of the Comtes. As a result, the Blanc de Blancs is displayed with white and gold decoration, creating a play of light that reflects both the chalk which has surrounded it for nearly ten years and the richness of a wine made from the best and purest Chardonnay grapes in Champagne.
The delicacy of the Comtes de Champagne Rosé is communicated by the pale powder pink of the gift box. The casing exactly reflects the rich, deep colour of this blended wine, whose lustre and character are given by the Grand Cru red wines made from Pinot Noir grapes.

This new gift box’s complex design illustrates the desire to use as little glue as possible. An interplay of forces keeps the various elements together without compromising on aesthetics. The flowing lines of the base and top setting for the bottle are reminiscent of the 30s and reflect the style of the champagne house’s headquarters in Reims.
This type of casing used also protects, displays and encloses the bottle without the need for magnets. The branding deliberately merges with the material. It imitates a diamond stylus engraving and is only revealed by the reflection of light. Delicate bubbles seem to escape from the gift box, whispering the promise of moments to treasure to any observer.

This casing, with its carefully-crafted look, is the embodiement of individuality, and has been created with the support of API and Wavefront. The new packaging is the result of a rich collaboration using exacting standards between the Taittinger champagne house and the fledgling company Makao, and perfectly illustrates the complexity and elegance of these great cuvées.